Energy Issues Survey

We are conducting a survey of Christian Coalition supporters around the country on one of the most important issues that our country faces today, and we need your input.

It is imperative that political and opinion leaders in Washington understand in no uncertain terms that Americans are keenly aware of this nation's problems with its energy policies and that we expect and deserve better leadership on this issue.

While your responses will be kept confidential, the results will be used to send a clear signal to those in positions of influence as to how politically active Christians feel about these important issues.

So please complete the survey today and add your voice to thousands of other politically active Christians.

Question 1

Do you support the concept of American energy dominance?

Question 2

Given that so much of our oil comes from the Middle East, do you think that this negatively impacts our country’s national security?

Question 3

Do you support a comprehensive, “all of the above” approach to a new American energy policy that would involve more domestic oil, cleaner coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, and geo-thermal power?

Question 4

Do you believe that our country should make it easier for businesses and families to lower their energy consumption and save money by promoting energy efficient practices?

Question 5

Do you agree or disagree that the federal government should adopt energy-savings techniques and best practices that make its operation more efficient and reduce government spending?

Question 6

Do you think we can improve our environment and strengthen our economy at the same time by making smart investments in cleaner, more efficient energy technologies?

Question 7

Do you believe that the US should be a world leader in such technologies?

Question 8

Do you support strengthening personal property rights for those who wish to lease their property for wind or solar development?

Question 9

Do you agree or disagree that we have a Biblical mandate to care for God's creation and to protect our children's future by curbing pollution and having cleaner air?

Question 10

Do you agree or disagree that bold leadership is needed from both business and government in order for our country to move to cheaper, cleaner and more efficient energy?

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