Playing up to Palestinians is playing with the fire of G-d

An agreement has been released by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and in it he referred to the “State of Palestine.” The agreement deals with aspects of “the life and activity of the Catholic Church in Palestine.”

This treaty is very disturbing in that the Vatican is officially stating its unilateral recognition of Palestine as a state which it is not. This is a political hot potato in which the Pontiff has no business delving. The Pope has wittingly or unwittingly entered into an arena that is beyond the church’s scope and beyond the authority of his governance of the religious life of Catholic’s.

Obama's Incredible Attacks on God and Country--Shocking Documentation

Obama's Incredible Attacks on God and Country--Shocking Documentation

Washington : DC : USA | Jul 16, 2012 at 12:26 AM PDT
Photo Courtesty of The Connecting Link SF
Obama Orders God Out of Americ

The Vatican

I have to admit great shock at finding NOTHING about this issue anywhere on this site ( Did I simply miss something, somewhere ?)

This whole issue of the Vatican having stepped forth to advocate the pursuit of a "New World Financial Order"

Anyone who does NOT see this for what it is is stumbling around with blinders on.

I have sent an e-mail to the Vatican itself, stating my intent to pursue the very dismantling of the Vatican as an entity.

( No response)

I have contacted ( in vain, of course ) certain members of the media with this issue.

( Ridiculous responses, when responses were received)

Three of those are all members of the Associated Baptist Press. No response has been forthcoming.

What, is everyone too cowardly to stand up against the Vatican ?

Those who refuse to rise up against evil are as guilty of it as Satan himself.


I come bearing a sword.

Where are those who profess to love Jesus ?

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