O“bomb”a’s explosive legacy… Iran.

While it’s no longer news, it’s still shockingly unbelievable that President Obama and the P5+1 group (United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, France and Germany), have agreed to a nuclear deal with Iran; the world’s largest supporter and exporter of terror.  Iran currently has a nuclear program in place and, despite denials from the White House, this new deal has opened a pathway for Iran to enrich weapons-grade uranium and be ready with a nuclear bomb in ten years or less. Furthermore, part of the nuclear deal will lift current economic sanctions resulting in a windfall to Iran in excess of one hundred and fifty billion dollars. 

What You Don’t Know About Iraq Could Kill You

U.S. Marines prepare to leaving Border Fort 12a via helicopter.  U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt Michael A. Blaha.


 Yellowcake in Hussein's Intentions

Iraq is not as harmless as it once seemed. Hussein had, and was acquiring more WMD, than the mainstream media wanted to tell the general public. After all the media’s appeasement claims to escalating Iraqi violence, certain items of information were precluded from the public eye.

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