"We Can't Believe It!"

Like most Americans, we watched the United States presidential election returns on TV last Tuesday with great interest. We followed the results for a few hours that showed the race to be close and tight all along. Then suddenly, the newscasters declared that President Barack Obama had won Ohio. One of the analysts made the statement, "Well, that's the election."

Then the TV programmers put up a full screen statement, "Obama is Re-Elected!" Immediately we responded, "We can't believe it!"

We American Christians had hoped for, prayed for, and expected a different outcome. We were overwhelmed with disappointment and disbelief. We were strong and reasonable in our desire for the conservative challenger Mitt Romney to defeat the liberal incumbent president Barack Obama.

Capitol Hill Update: Obama's Unemployment Rate Reaches 10.2%

On this day  --  exactly three years from the day on which Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee or Tim Pawlenty or some other Reaganite Republican will probably be elected president  --  many Americans were shocked (but not Reaganites,) that Barack Obama's unemployment rate has now reached a massive 10.2% of the American people unemployed.   

Yet, Obama and his acolytes were promising (and threatening) Blue Dog Democrats that if they did not vote for Obama's  TRILLION dollar (with interest) so-called stimulus bill, the unemployment rate would go above 8%.  So many of the Blue Dog Democrats and other Democrats occupying the 80-plus congressional seats won by President George W. Bush or by Senator John McCain were intimidated and actually voted for the Obama stimulus bill last February.   

And what do they have to show for their vote?  Massive unemployment and some additional 3 million Americans who have lost their jobs since the passage of the Obama stimulus bill.  This week, to make fiscal matters worse, the Democrats in the United States Senate even voted to extend the unemployment benefits of $300 each week for a total of 99 weeks (almost 2 years) to further increase the gargantuan national debt, now approaching $12 TRILLION dollars.  

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