Why Obama’s Love Affair with Planned Parenthood?

Asheville Health Center Asheville’s Planned Parenthood Health Center

What is happening with Obama and Planned Parenthood (PP)? Obama and the United Nations? It’s a plain fact Obama can reduce the debt easily. But he’s not budging with those items. Obama’s being very coy about his actions. Obama will not cut taxpayer funds for PP, even though 98% of their expenditures are for abortion.

Obama seems to think PP can do no bad. Lately, he decided to trample the will of New Hampshire. On 9/13, the Obama administration made a decision to force New Hampshire taxpayers to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, even after New Hampshire’s Executive Council voted to revoke a $1.8 million contract.

PP says the reinstated grant will not fund abortions. But it frees up money the abortion business would otherwise have to spend on advertising and promoting abortions. Obama Administration did not provide any competitive process for other non-abortion agencies to compete for the contract.

By 2030 Population to Start Dropping Like a Rock

According to a UN 2009 revised population forecast, world population will peak at around 7 billion in 2030, and begin to fall. How can that be? In 1980, world population was forecasted to be significantly higher by 2030.

Anti-Population Zealots Condemning the Human Race to Extinction

The ‘left’ must be shaking in their boots to see the latest trends of the pro-life juggernaut. More and more people consider themselves pro-life, and favor more restrictions on abortion. The lean towards being pro-life is growing, especially with the young adult.

They understand babies begin sometime, and realize the most obvious answer is at conception. Men, especially, know if they’re in the woods hunting deer and they hear something, prudence dictates to wait and make sure it’s a deer. But it’s already known to be a baby if a woman’s pregnant.

The now commonplace practices of birth control, abortifacient use, late-term abortion (all 3 can be abortion), same-sex marriage, and sterilization were not typically thought of 100 years ago.

With birth control, the uterus is always made inhospitable for implantation, whether the fertilized embryo comes for a visit or not. If the fertilized embryo does visit, it usually can’t implant and is aborted. With same-sex marriage and sterilization, there’s only one purpose--and it’s not population generation.

United Nations Ripe for US Budget Cutting

Reducing the US budget over $5 billion/year sounds too good to be true. Actually 1.2 billion is the US share (22% in 2010). But the ‘peacekeeping budget’ is a whopping $7.8 billion/yr, of which the US is responsible for over 27%, or $2.1 billion. The offending party—the UN. The place---Manhattan. The damageat least $3.3 billion/year.  


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U.N. Outraged At Burning of West Bank Mosque--Whoa--Hold on There!

According to Ekklesia, the leftist religious think tank of London, The United Nations has voiced its shock following the burning of a mosque in The West Bank that is suspected to be an act of arson. Media reports say that the incident took place in the early morning of October 4th in the village of Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem.

The attack, the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) said, is completely unacceptable, with Special Coordinator Robert Serry also extremetly concerned over the mosque’s desecration.

UNSCO reminded the Israeli Government that the extremists responsible for such attacks must be brought to justice and the rule of law upheld.  That’s all fine, U.N.. However, why has there not been even a peep out of this organization when Christian churches are burned down with increasing regularity, Christians are burned alive by Muslims and women raped by Muslims in front of their husbands and children? Looks a little one sided from this vantage point.

So this UN protection is selective and applies only to Muslims which they have accepted as the One World Religion of a One World Order under construction.  It is to be remembered that Muslims not that long ago, took over the Church of the Nativity, a sacred spot for Christians, trashed a lot of it while holed up there, and used pages of The Holy Bible as toilet paper. Again, not one word from the U.N.

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