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Great Breakthroughs in Adult Stem Cell Research

Chloe: “You saved my life”

At a National Press Club lunch in Washington D.C. yesterday  --  sponsored by the Bethesda Life Foundation which was founded by the president emeritus of the 16 million member Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, Dr. Morris Chapman   --  Dr. Jeong-Chan Ra, a prominent scientist and president of RNL Bio, introduced his new book, The Grace of Stem Cells: A Story of Science and Faith.

This writer had the privilege of sitting next to a couple of Dr. Ra’s patients, two outstanding young people, a brother and sister, who Dr. Ra has helped with the use of adult stem cells.  Their parents, both physicians in Long Beach, CA, found Dr. Ra through a doctor friend of theirs.  The bright and articulate young woman is mentioned in Dr. Ra’s new book in Case Study #8, title “Chloe Can Hear Again.”  At age 17, she had total deafness in left ear and hearing loss in right ear.  After receiving conventional treatment (steroids), she received three intravenous injections of stem cells over 15 days and had hearing restored to 50% in her left ear and 90% in her right ear.  At yesterday’s lunch, she seemed to have her full hearing restored. 

Oprah and Michael Fox shocked by Dr. Oz's truth

Michael Fox sat as a guest on Oprah's show in stunned silence! Oprah was pretty shocked also. What caused their astonishment was some truth-telling by Oprah's other guest, a popular physician named Dr. Mehemet Oz. Indeed, Dr. Oz, a regular guest on Oprah's show, is so popular with Oprah that she has called him "America's Doctor." Dr. Oz is a cardiovascular surgeon at Columbia University.

Earlier this month, Dr. Oz, appeared on the Oprah Show and explained to Oprah and her other guest, Michael Fox -- the premier promoter of human embryonic stem cell research because of his Parkinson's disease -- that human embryonic stem cells are not the solution to the cure for Fox's Parkinson's disease or other diseases. Indeed, he warned them -- and a lot of Americans who are so enamored with this immoral research -- that these human embryonic stem cells multiply at such a rapid pace, they cannot be controlled.

Injecting such cells into mice have caused life-ending cancerous tumors. Dr. Oz warned Michael Fox that that would also happen if such human embryonic stem cells were injected into him.

Billions of dollars, much of it provided by taxpayers, have been wasted on this highly controversial research already. Indeed, the state legislature of California, with the signature of the governor, appropriated a whopping $3 billion of tax dollars for useless human embryonic stem cell research.

Bipartisan bill puts patients first

Democrat Congressman Daniel Lipinski and Republican Congressman J. Randy Forbes have joined together in an increasingly partisan Washington D.C. to sponsor "The Patients First Act," H.R. 877. Their bill will prioritize stem cell research toward treating and curing patients. The Forbes/Lipinski bill promotes research and human clinical trials using stem cells that show the most potential of providing clinical benefit and are ethically obtained.

Congressman Forbes referred to a chart showing the difference in benefits from adult stem cells in human patients versus the so-called benefits in embryonic stem cells from peer-reviewed studies. There have been ZERO benefits from the politically-correct human embryonic stem cell destruction research. On the other hand, there have been cures and successful treatments of an astounding 73 diseases using adult stem cells.

Adult stem cells have benefited human patients with brain cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, cancer of the lymph nodes, breast cancer, diabetes Type I (Juvenile), Crohn's Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic coronary artery disease, acute heart damage, Parkinson's Disease, spinal cord injury, stroke damage, sickle cell anemia, limb gangrene, jawbone replacement, skull bone repair, and many many more diseases.

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