Jesus & Animals Part 9: The Joy of Knowing an Elephant

Those who have not bonded with an animal have missed out on a rare treat and privilege indeed. Rev. Austin Miles.

Even the largest of animals display emotions and can be soft hearted. Such was the elephant in the news this past week named, Tarra, who lived on an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.

A little dog named Bella came to live at the sanctuary, she and Tarra became friends, then best of friends. They would walk together, play together, and simply spend time together in a favorite spot within the large compound.

Hero Circus Elephant Saves The Day

When Bella had to have surgery on her back, she was confined in the veterinarian room on the second floor of a building within the sanctuary. While going through the surgery and recovering, Tarra stayed next to the building, looking up at the second floor, and refused to move. For three weeks Tarra stood vigil.

Finally when Bella was better, the veterinarian carried her out on the balcony on the second floor so Tarra could see her. Eventually Bella recovered completely and was able to be back outside with Tarra which made them both very happy.

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