Socialism Rule

Guest Colmumnist Jerry Newcombe Takes The Keybozrd

Through this website and syndicated column, the writer repeatedly warns of the encroachment of Socialism/Communism determined to rule our country. One way to reach that goal is to take advantage of every opportunity to destroy Christianity and the church itself.  The efforts are in full swing in The United States of America, under Communist leadership such as the ACLU, while Christians continue to drive while falling asleep at the wheel. That is what England and most of Europe has done, And those same results, with more to come, are already on the march to bring total Communist rule to America and for the world itself via a yellow brick road being polished by the current adminstration.This sobering account, reported by popular Florida Radio Host, Jerry Newcombe, now stepping up to the keyboard, shows what is coming to America if Christians refuse to stand firm. Yes, STAND!

A Warning to America from England
By Jerry Newcombe

There’s something rotten in the state of England, and I hope it’s not a picture of what is to come here in America. It’s a serious loss of religious freedom for Christians, even to the point where there’s a serious loss of freedom of speech.

The latest incident was just reported this week. A complaint has been filed against a medical doctor, Richard Scott, with a 28-year unblemished track record. After a long consultation with a 24-year-old patient who was discouraged and “in a rut,” the doctor asked if he had ever considered turning his problems over to Jesus.

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