Senior Citizens

California Cop Stepped Over The Line

Being a Pastor of Senior Citizens, I was appalled to read a letter to the editor of The Contra Costa Times yesterday (1/27/11). A senior citizen, Christine Wasserbauer of Concord was hurrying home having just exited a bus and crossed in the center of the street after seeing there was no traffic. The street was clear and she proceeded. She had to urgently get to the bathroom due to medications she has to take.

A motorcycle cop, roared into the scene, stopped the woman and lectured her. She explained the situation. Instead of letting her get home, the officer continued to hold her and wrote out a $136. ticket for jaywalking.  Meanwhile, the woman soiled herself, which is extremely degrading and dehumanizing to senior citizens. This thoughless cop delayed her in order to bring in extra cash for his city government.

This woman was not doing anything that endangered the community like DUI. She was trying to get home as quickly as possible and made certain the street was clear before crossing.  Again,she had a medical issue. And she was fined $136.00!

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