In August 1989, I spoke with Dr. Pat Robertson about the need to form a new national organization to encourage Christians to participate in the process of electing government officials. A few days later, at his invitation, we met in the living room of his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After discussing the need to organize we analyzed the vast resources accumulated during Dr. Robertson's run for the Republican Nomination for President. We concluded the meeting with an agreement to begin the new work at once. In a matter of days we met in Atlanta, Georgia with America's top evangelical organizational leaders to secure their blessing. The Christian Coalition was born.

With state organizations still active from the campaign we were off and running. The grassroots were still vibrant. When the 1994 federal elections were held the American people, inspired by Christian leaders, "cataclysmatized" the Congress. Democrats in power for 40 years were suddenly dislodged. The Christian Coalition, by organizing concerned citizens throughout America, had played a major role in the sea-change election.

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