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Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

Rusty and Kitty Kitty Relaxing

This thought cannot help but seep in when a beloved dog dies. The probing question cannot be restrained, nor should it be. And knowing what The Bible says on this matter brought solace during one of the worst weeks in my life. 

My beloved (Big Dog), Rusty, died on Saturday August 17th at 2 P.M. This month was his birthday. He turned 13 and had been going through severe arthritic problems in his hips like most big dogs do, along with some heart problems.


He asked to go out to the back yard, and after being out a few minutes, he collapsed. I stayed close to him for over an hour soothing him. He knew he was dying, and so did one of the pups who, that morning, went to him and gently nuzzled him with her nose curiously. She knew he was about to die. I didn’t.

Jim Jones&The Assemblies of God


Fined for Helping Gays?


It Is a Baby NOT Just a Blob of Tissue-Jerry Newcombe on Roe vs.Wade

 1Sides Clash in Abortion Issue

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Yesterday, January 22nd, ushered in the annual observation of the most barbaric legal decision in history. On that date, the Supreme Court of The United States, with their case, Roe Vs. Wade, issued a horrendous ruling that officiallly declared a mother's womb a war zone. Over 50 million babies have been slaughtered in their mother's womb since that hideous day, making abortion doctors and facilities wealthy providing selfish women freedom from any inconvenience to their social lives due to irresponsible sex.

This era of our history may one day be judged as the most savage time of all civilization. Americans who believe in the sanctity of life and humane treatment for all, have risen against those demanding pro-choice...the right to choose if the baby being carried is to live or die.

The passionate issue has gone full circle with the majority of Amcricans now opposing abortion on demand. Each year there are growing protests to mark the grim anniversry. On Saturday, the day before, a huge Right To Life March with over 50,000 demonstrators flooded the streets of the most liberal city in America...San Francisco.

Prosecution For Not Grieving Properly? Commentary by Rev. Austin Miles

Most of the world witnessed the strange video reports of intense grieving of thousands of people in the streets following the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong II on December 17th. Wherever the news cameras were in Communist Korea, men, women and children, were seen crying, actually wailng hysterically, with tears streaming down their faces.

It was puzzling to watch considering that Kim Jong II was a ruthless little dictator who ruled with iron fists, whose name alone struck terror in the hearts of all of his subjects. And perhaps that was the problem.

Inheriting the throne, his son, Kim Jong Un immediately issued orders for the military to begin rounding up and arresting those whom the government determined were not grieving sincerely and properly.

In Communist Russia, whenever a leader spoke, his required-to-be-there audience would applaud practically every sentence he spoke. When the speech ended, the applause continued non-stop for a prolonged length of time. The guards, positioned throughout the area, would notice who stopped applauding first and immediately arrest that person along with any others who had rested their hands. There had to be a spontaneous rapid wind-down and stopping of applause for nobody to be arrested.

Does Jesus Condone Hunting and Killing Wolves? Plus Hate Letter--Part 4

 A Young Rev. Austin Miles Reads Scriptures to Interested Friend.This series has prompted many responses, all positive, except for one hate letter which is included below. First of all, hunting for food is understandable. But hunting for the sake of killing and mounting the heads of the animal on a wall like the restaurant in Rio Vista as detailed in part 3, is totally wrong. It is understandable how people who live on farms grow food in the field and slaughter animals for food.

However, any time an animal is put down for any reason, it should be quick and humane. NEVER should suffering be caused to any creature for any reason.

My outrage is over the use of CRUELTY, like the Asians who skin animals alive for their fur as shown in Part 3.

There was the film clip on TV showing a Rhino that had just had his nose horn brutally sawed off by poachers for the money to be received by it, while the poor Rhino is lying on the ground with gasping groans because of this unthinkable cruelty to him by humans.

Then there is the clip of rabbits being taken from their cages, clubbed in the head, then jammed onto meat hooks. Many of the rabbits were not rendered unconsicous by the blow to the head and while still alive are jammed on the meat hooks, the hook tearing into their backs to keep them in place.

First GodTV in San Francisco--Now This!

First GodTV in San Francisco--Now This!

(8/23/09). Oakley, California.  God TV became the eye in the sky over The City By The Bay, by launching their San Francisco Christian TV Studio that will be a part of the world wide ministry. It opened with a full weekend of activities with a TV unit broadcasting from the high profile City Hall Plaza. The many Christians in the Bay Area are rejoicing. Too often they have been made to feel like strangers in their home city.  

Right on its heels, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) launched an office in the Bay Area, which will serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The office is located in downtown Oakland, ten minutes from San Francisco and....Berkeley.  

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