Did Monster Storm Come From God's Wrath?

Did Monster Storm Come From God's Wrath?

Cape May : NJ : USA | Oct 31, 2012 at 10:14 AM PDT
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Is God's Wrath Upon Us?


Obama calling McFly..anyone home?


One of the unwritten rules of conversation or confrontation is to know that you have a very limited moment in which to react or respond, when an opponent delivers a verbal or even physical shot.. Just a very small window for retort, this is what separates the quick witted winner from the dulled down loser. (sorry non-winner) You simply have to wing it, and the Law of Truths will usually dictate he who's on the right side of history will emerge victorious. In other words it's easy to find the words when you are expressing the truth or something you know to be right.

Last nights debate revealed that President Obama is neither truthful or on the right side of history. He struggled to maintain appropriate eye contact with his political adversary, his gaze kept referring down to his notes and papers, as if they could ever rescue him. It certainly seemed he was trapped in an intellectual paralysis without his trusted teleprompter. Mitt marched over the former demagogue, with quick and even tempered dialog. For weeks the Presidents attack apparatus had been pounding Romney with erroneous or exaggerated claims, the 47%, jobs out sourced, protecting the rich, blah, blah, blah.

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It's NOT the economy stupid

2012 election battleground map

So, what does the battleground for the coming 2012 presidential election look like?  Well, those national tracking polls you've been hearing about won't tell you.  All they do tell you is what a national sample of registered (or maybe "likely") voters said on any given day.   And of course the samples for those polls (and even the questions) get "gamed" by the media who sponsor them.

But the simple fact is that we don't elect a President "nationally".  In effect, we hold 50 different state-by-state elections, with each state being allotted a set number of "electoral votes" based on state population.  And you can pretty much bet the farm on "how" about thirty-five or forty of the states will vote in November...which leaves you with the "swing states".

The map below reflects the most likely swing states, based on polling over the past year.  They are: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.  Of course that list could (and will) expand or contract over the coming months, but this gives you a pretty good idea of the lay of the land.

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