Rev. Ed. Berkey

ISIS-Islam-The Koran and 9/11

Pastors-Occupy Your Pulpits!

This writer-chaplain, repeatedly pleads for pastors to exorcise the demons of political correctness from their churches and return to pure biblical preaching and teaching, as “called” ministers faithfully exhibit.  Fortunately, there are still remnant pastors scattered throughout America who are a positive spiritual example for everyone they meet. Oh, that all Christians in general would heed this exhortation. Half baked Christians and corrupt pastors are the greatest tool of Satan for the destruction of the church.

We have abdicated our moral authority because of the compromises of weak spiritual leaders who conspicuously add more and more of the world population to the roster of hell. This is the direct result of presenting watered down Scriptures by preachers who misbehave. 

To correct this, judgement must start at the House of God.(1 Peter 4:17) and an overhaul of church leaders and their congregations must begin. Pastor Ed Berkey (Ret.) alerted me to this excellent article recently written by J.Lee Grady which offers a starting point.

Mr. Grady’s story is reprinted with permission from Charisma, October 20ll.  Copyright Charisma Media, USA. All rights reserved.

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