Republican convention

Blacks Overwhelmingly Vote Democrat in Every Election

Arlington, Va. (Aug. 11, 2003) -- National Football League (NFL) Hall of Fame quarterback, Terry Bradshaw stencils writing on the wall to paper at the 9/11 Memorial for Americas Heroes inside the Pentagon. Race was never in question during 9/11.

Democrat and Blacks Go Together?

Obama has upset far too many Blacks. Greater than 90% of Blacks voted to Obama in 2008. However, 4 years do make a difference. That from a man who is only 45% Black. The other 55% is White. He is a liberal Democrat, however.

From ANSWERS, an estimate of Obama's heritage: 50% White, 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African. ['s_heritage_as_follows_50_Caucasian_43.75_Arabic_and_6.25_African_Negro#ixzz24xpNM4rL]

What’s known for sure--Obama does not have at least 50% Black ancestry. Therefore he is not America’s first Black president. Why do so many Blacks and Democrats vote for Obama, just because they think he’s Black?

Abortion Should be Most Important

The ‘coup-de-grace’ for a total refusal of any Black voting for Obama is abortion. Since Roe vs, Wade, over 40% of the Black population is dead because of abortion. The major culprit is Planned Parenthood (PP), which is totally supported by Obama, and partially funded by him (almost 400M/yr).

PP has opened most of its abortion facilities in minority neighborhoods. The Black community has been more targeted than any other group. In New York City, for every 1,000 Blacks born alive, 1,448 are eliminated by abortion.

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