Camping Out Desirable--This Sage Brushes Off Scriptures

Harold Camping of Family Radio, a worldwide network, is a man of unique Christian theology. He advises all his followers to get out of their churches since all of them are apostate. He stated this week that Jesus was NOT God, and on his ‘Open Forum’ advised a problem alcoholic who wanted to stop drinking to set up a fancy dinner, with her best china and silverware, then put a bottle of fine wine in the center. “Eat the complete meal without touching the wine,” he saith, ” and THEN you will have conquered alcoholism.” (!)  He also implies that he is the only man in the world whom God has given the exact time of His return. May 21, 2011, two months from now, at 6 P.M.

In his ancient 80’s (89), Camping, with his monotone boistrously deep voice which strrrrrretches out his words, obviously has thoroughly read and studied The Bible and knows the location of all Scriptures and subjects within its pages which makes his theological interpretations puzzling if not downright frustrating since he preaches the very opposite of what the Scriptures proclaim.

Mr.Camping, whose contempt for the church is so barbed that he “SssssSTRONGly advises for everyone to get out of their church before the end dates.” That timing would seem strange if indeed his calculations were accurate and the end of the world was upon us.

He pontificated this week that, “When you get to heaven you will be surprised as to who you will see there…and you may be surprised as to who will NOT be there…those who go to the churches and their pastors.”

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