Reckless Young People

Feature: Christ Significant? Powerful Answer Playing Out Across US by Team 99

Beaten down Christians including pastors from their pulpits are bemoaning what they describe as the slow death of Christian influence in today's society which makes many soon-to-be-defeated Christians wring their hands in despair while whimpering,, "What's the use?" And as a result of giving up and giving in, they are doing NOTHING to change that perception by positive action such as that being exhibited nationally by "Team 99."

Rev. Tyrone Holmes, pastor of the newly formed, His Praise Worship Center, in Antioch, California, preached a powerful eye-opener Sunday about defeating the lie with truth. He said we bite into the devil's lies like Eve bit into the apple which brought chaos for her and Adam, whom she convinced to take a bite as well, causing chaos for every generation since.

Then, Pastor Tye said, "And like Sleeping beauty, we bite into that apple and fall asleep while everything goes on around us unopposed when we should be standing strong and proclaiming truth.

Next he intrdouced a young man named Larry who told about an event taking place at an area mall called, "Team 99" that is bringing truth to young people all over America. This writer went last evening to check it out.

In the parking lot of the Sommersville Towne Center, a mall in Antioch, a huge circus type tent is set up with a trailer and 3 semi-trucks. The ‘air structured' tent, has no poles or inflatable air devices, but stands with a spring like pop-up sort of structure holding it up.

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