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Obama reverses protections for pro-life doctors

President Obama took another step forward in his pro-abortion agenda recently by removing Bush administration protections for doctors and hospitals who refuse to perform abortions.  The regulations were put in place after reports of increasing pressure on those in the medical profession to do abortions in spite of federal laws that are supposed to prohibit such violations of conscience.

The abortion rights crowd claim that it inhibits a womans "right" to an abortion if a doctor has a "right" to avoid performing one because or reasons of religion or conscience.  Which essentially makes abortion a "right" of greater importance than religious freedom.  Despite which one of the two are actually in the Constitution.

Obama's HHS officials are proposing to rescind the rule in its entirety.

The "Doctor Death" Yellow Pages?

A group calling itself "Compassion and Choices" in Washington state has announced that it will begin compiling a directory of doctors that will "assist" patients that want to commit suicide.  This comes after Washington became the second state to legalize assisted suicide by passing a referendum in 2008.

In other words, we're moving another step farther down the road of devaluing and losing respect for life - not to mention continuing to foster a culture of death.  Even worse, a culture where it can easily be imagined that the sick and infirm will be pressured to "go quietly".  (Dont' think so?  Who would have imagined a generation ago that we would be at this point today?) 

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Barack Obama: most radical pro-abortion president in history

Opponents of Barack Obama during the presidential campaign warned the independents and other fence sitters that the administration of Obama would be the most radical in history, not only in the realm of economics, but possibly in the foreign policy area, and most definitely in the realm of social issues policy.

Barack Obama has fulfilled those predictions in the space of the first few weeks of his administration and has already become the most radical pro-abortion president in American history. The latest evidence of this occurred today when an amendment to the pork-filled nearly half trillion FY09 Omnibus bill -- which Obama promised to sign with close to 9,000 pork projects and which would protect the pro-life Kemp-Kasten Amendment, in place since 1985 -- failed in the Senate by a vote of 39-55.

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