Obama upside-down by 15% in latest poll

According to the latest presidential tracking numbers from the Rasmussen poll, only 26% of registered voters say that they "strongly approve" of Barack Obama's job performance, while 41% "strongly disapprove" - leaving him upside-down by 15 points among passionate voters.

The poll also finds that (currently), in a hypothetical general election matchup, Obama leads Mitt Romney 48% to 42%, and leads Rick Santorum 48% to 41%, (no numbers were available for Gingrich or Paul).

Meanwhile, Republicans lead Democrats on a "generic" congressional ballot by 4 points (43% to 39%).  (The generic ballot just asks people which party they plan to vote for in congressional races without mentioning specific candidate's names).

Some other interesting findings:

53% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

"While Congress continues to battle over President Obama’s contraceptive mandate, most voters still favor repeal of the national health care law.

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2010 elections: a local or national election?

In most elections, the outcome will boil down to local issues...even elections for national office.  Whether it's fixing potholes, or the guy who can go to Washington and raid the national piggy bank and send back home more of what the voters sent there to begin with, as former Democrat House Speaker Tip O'Neal once said, "all politics is local".

But not always.

As with about everything in politics (and life), there are exceptions.  Meaning, sometimes, elections will revolve around national issues and themes.  And 2010 is shaping up to be just such a year.   Why?  Because people are growing more concerned about issues like terrorism, spending and the national debt than they are about more goodies from the government.  And whereas usually people had a low opinion of Congress, but a high opinion of their own congressman, even that opinion isn't so high anymore.

Gallup's new poll takes a look at voters' issue concerns and finds the following:

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