Highlights from the latest polls

59% Say Cut Taxes to Create Jobs, 14% Expect Congress to Listen

The latest survey from Rasmussen shows that 59% of the American people believe that the best way to create jobs is to cut taxes.  But 72% believe that Congress is more likely to raise taxes than to cut them.  Only 14% are optimistic enough to think they will cut taxes.  At the same time, an overwhelming majority believe that Congress will increase spending...which is like betting on the sun coming up in the morning.

How's that for confidence in "representative" government?

Republicans have largest lead on "generic ballot" in seven years

The latest test of the "generic ballot" question, (which asks voters which party they will vote for in the next congressional election), puts Republicans at 46% and Democrats at 37%.  That's the highest the GOP has polled on that question in over seven years.  Also, independent voters lean Republican by 46% to 24%...which goes a long way to explain why Scott Brown is now US Senator Scott Brown.

Compare this to how things looked a year ago, when Democrats where up by seven points.  A net swing of sixteen after just one year of Barack Obama.

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Democrat leadership to try and push ObamaCare through the House

Here it comes!

In the wake of last week's Senate upset in Massachusetts, Democrats seemed to be backpedaling away from ObamaCare, but yesterday came word from Nancy Pelosi and other leading House Dems that they plan to keep trying.  Their plan is to try and push the Senate's version of health care "reform" through the House (with some changes), and then get the Senate to pass the bill in that chamber with a simple majority vote by using "reconciliation" rules to avoid needing 60 votes to break a Republican filibuster.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said last week she does not
have the votes to pass the Senate bill without changes. Democratic
congressional aides, speaking on condition of anonymity because the
issue is in flux, said the latest strategy involves using a special
budget procedure to revise the Senate bill.

The procedural
route _ known as reconciliation _ would allow a majority of 51 senators
to amend their bill to address some of the major substantive concerns
raised by the House. That would circumvent the need for a 60-vote
majority to hold off Republican delaying tactics.

In other words, they're going to try and "get around" the rules of the Senate, now that Scott Brown's there.

So why the sudden push?

Are Democrats in denial?

In the wake of last weeks stunning defeat for the Democrats in the race to fill "Ted Kennedy's seat" in the Senate, Democrats (and liberals in general) have done a good bit of hand wringing about "how" this could have happened.

Their first impulse, even before voters went to the polls, was to blame the candidate.  It was all Martha Coakley's fault.  This lead to several days of finger pointing between her camp, the White House, the Democrat National Committee and the Democrat Senatorial Committee.

And then, just a day after the election, Obama does and interview and blames the loss on voter "anger and frustration".  OK so far, but then he says it's the same anger that elected him....that voters are angry and frustrated, not just over the last year, but over the "last eight years".  Which, as we all know by now, is Obama code for "It's George Bush's fault".  This prompted columnist Charles Krauthammer to observe:

Let's get this straight: The antipathy to George W. Bush is so enduring
and powerful that ... it just elected a Republican senator in
Massachusetts? Why, the man is omnipotent.


A.B. Stoddard makes the following observation:

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Paul Krugman Wants Democrats to "Do the Right Thing"

Yes, the Democrat lost that race up in Massachusetts, but that's no excuse for not going full speed ahead and passing Obamacare. That's the message Paul Krugman in sending in his column today.

According to Krugman:

"This is your moment of truth. You can do the right thing and pass the Senate health care bill. Or you can look for an easy way out, make excuses and fail the test of history."

And they can also fail the test of political viability, which is, (I think), the one they are a little more concerned about right now. Krugman further proves he's out on Planet Insanity in declaring:

"The fact is that the Senate bill is a centrist document, which moderate Republicans should find entirely acceptable."

Centrist? One can't help but wonder just where does the "center" appear to be from Krugman's vantage point way out there on the margins...

Krugman also echos Rham Emannuel by suggesting that the House Dems simply have to pass the Senate's version, because that's the only way they can overcome the stigma that would otherwise be attached to them for having voted for it so far and failed to get it passed. (Yes, I know that
doesn't make sense). He says that not passing the bill:

Media Friendzy

Let me preface this post by urging my fellow Christians, conservatives, traditionalist and everyone you know,please boycott the TV series Criminal Minds. Their anti-Christian agenda has far and away exceeded common decency. Every other episode depicts some psychotic Christian who, surprise surprise, winds up being a mind washed killer , who cannot function without slaying and sadistically mascaraing some poor soul. These criminals are always white men who are blinded by obscure and out of context bible passages.

The American media is finally being exposed for what they are, left wing propagandist, nothing more. I am sorry, I forgot to mention how they pimp out tragedy and misfortune to entice the ever growing population of overweight, under read, Americans whose lust for instant gratification has led to wide spread drug use, and disfunctionality. The media conditions these lost souls with important consumer needs, compulsive habits, and unsubstantiated fears, all in between the "identity to the killer" at 9:00 and " How to control your children" at 10:00.

MilesTones Feature: Exclusive Interview! Names of Famous Chickens And Keeper Revealed!

MilesTones: Final Hearing Before City Council Tuesday      

Two Brentwood hens have become world famous over a back yard dispute regarding their presence. An angry neighbor seems intent on putting a pox upon the chickens, accusing them off smelling bad, spreading bird flu, and pooping in her yard (located next door behind a high fence). Not only that, the neighbor charges, the eggs they lay will attract wild animals which could endanger her cat. Serious charges indeed. This has the hens setting on the edge of their nests as they approach the final hearing of their fate at the Brentwood City Council Meeting this Tuesday, January 26th. A big crowd is expected.       

The two hens, until now, have remained annonymous. But [with] the Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood gaining intense interest around the world, they agreed to a personal interview with MilesTones, letting their names be known and posing for pictures in order to let their side of the story be told, which is a proper procedure in a democratic society.       

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How Massachusetts voted

Here's a look at the county by county returns from the Massachusetts special US Senate election.  Compare it with the returns from the 2008 Presidential race.

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The Tea Party takes its first scalp

Scott Brown's big win in the Massachusetts special Senate election represents a lot of things, but one thing that shouldn't be overlooked is that it's the first big win by tea party activists.

A lot of forces were at play to be sure.  Coakley wasn't a great candidate.  Brown was.  She took the race for granted and didn't work hard.  He did.  But even when you take that into consideration you still look around and realize that you're talking about Massachusetts, a state Obama won with over 61% of the vote in 2008.  One of the "bluest of the blue" states in the country.

So how did it happen?

In short, Obama made it all possible in the sense that he (and the Democrat leadership) created the political environment that gave rise to the Tea Party movement all across the country.  Their big push for bigger government and even bigger spending, more debt and more government control.

It started with opposition to the bailouts...then the TARP...then the stimulus...and then the Democrats push for their version of health care reform.  All in the face of the opposition of the American people.  And that opposition crystalized into a movement that's swept the country to the point where opinion polls show support for a non-existent "Tea Party" as being higher than for Democrats or Republicans.

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Dirty tricks in Massachusetts

Given how desperate things got for Democrats in Massachusetts in recent weeks, dirty tricks are hardly a surprise.  But this one really stands out. It involves calls being made from Washington to Massachusetts pro-life voters, telling them to oppose Scott Brown because he's against Obamacare.

Aside from the fact that it was an obvious effort to suppress the pro-life vote, you have to love the irony of them pretending to be a pro-life and in favor of the Democrat's heatlh care bill.  No shame.

(via LifeNews)

Behind in the polls to Republican Senate
candidate Scott brown, supporters of pro-abortion candidate Martha
Coakley have evidentially reached into their bag of dirty tricks.
A Washington, D.C. based company is making calls to Massachusetts
residents pretending to represent a prominent pro-life group.

calls, from 202-461-3441, a Washington number registered to a company
called SOOH, claim to be from Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

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All eyes on Massachusetts

Election Day has finally arrived in Massachusetts and everyone's waiting to see who will soon fill what Democrats and the media refer to as "Ted Kennedy's seat".  And, if the latest Massachusetts polls are any indication, the answer looks like it will Republican Scott Brown.

Coakley's numbers have been in a free-fall over the past few weeks and, Democrats are criticizing her and her campaign both off and on the record.

The Democrat finger pointing is important to note because they are essentially trying to absolve Congress, Obama (and the liberal agenda in general) from any and all blame for how this race has played out.  Which is the same thing they did when they lost in Virginia and New Jersey a few months ago.  They were all over the place telling anyone with a microphone or TV camera that it had nothing to do with what was going on in Washington.  It was "all local".

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