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How should we decide to vote: by heart, mind, or use patterns in scriptures, known as Bible Code, for divine guidance?

During election time, politicians say what they think people want to hear.  Instead of saying, "I will raise taxes," they may say they will lower taxes, with the intent to act in a reckless or intentional way to cause the opposite to occur from their promise, such as taxes to go up.  Many citizens classify politicians as liers and deceitful people.

As Christians, how do we stand on politics, both in our hearts and in our prayers?  Do we vote for who entices us with the most emotionanlly-charged rhetoric, or do we usually vote for the honest candidate who appears negative, probably reeks of pessivism?  I personally find myself voting for those who are positive and give a sense of hope.  But should Christians trust their feelings, their judgment, or something else?

What else is there to trust?  I think the Hebrew source text for the Christian Bible, the Torah, has codes to help us answer this.  I hope so, because I trust my life to LORD Jesus Christ's hidden, encoded messages.

Profiling Debate Settled by Atheist Philosopher

If anyone distinctly appears to be part of a group that would bring harm to America, by illegally entering and draining billions of dollars in services from the economy, or those who wish to destroy America by killing at will and organizing violent attacks, authorities must not stop or question according to the politically correct crowd. Furthermore, we must always speak kindly about them and never, never, never offend them by our words or writings.

By this faulty logic, if the murderer is seen escaping in a red pickup truck, it would be improper to stop a driver and question him simply because he was driving a red pickup truck. This is the mentality of the Obamuslim administration. Furthermore, American citizens are forbidden to offend declared enemies of America in any way. (!)

Indeed, it makes only good sense, according to our misguided officials, to construct a 13 story Mosque on the site of Ground Zero, marking the spot where a sneak attack on America by Muslims, brutally killed thousands of unsuspecting people. That Mosque is due to open, yes, a grand opening mind you, on September 11, 2011 to commemorate the date of the Muslim attack on the United States. Oops! writers are cautioned not to idenify the attackers as Muslims. Sorry.

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