The vindication of Joe Wilson?

Well, well, well...

It looks like some apologies might be due in Joe Wilson's direction if certain Democrats have their way.

Why is that?  Because after months of denying there would be a move to add illegal aliens to any government subsidized health care, the mask came off this week as Democrats moved to specifically include illegal aliens in the pending health care bills.

A large group of House Democrats are working to amend the House healthcare bill to specifically include subsidized coverage for illegal aliens.  And the radical group LaRaza is calling on its members to contact Senators and "flood their voicemail" telling them to do the same - and drop any mandatory citizenship verification for coverage.

And they're in a hurry too.

They just rejected a Republican proposal to have at least three days to review a final bill - and they stopped a proposal to actually have the bill written out in legislative language BEFORE it gets voted on.

What they want is clear.  They want to ramrod an end-product that will be full-blown, government run "Obamacare" - which will include illegal aliens.

During August conservatives brought tremendous pressure on Congress.  And support for government run healthcare is at an all time low.

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