What Caused Sgt. Robert Bales to Snap?

This has been the most blaring case of military personnel meltdown since the My Lai Massacre on March 16, 1968 when Lt. William Calley, an American soldier in South Viet Nam snapped and opened fire on unarmed civilians, killing 347-504. The remorseful man regretted this for the rest of his life.

Obama administration bans Bible verses in the Pentagon's reports

One of the major prayer ministries in Washington D.C., the 15-year-old Capitol Hill Prayer Partners (CHPP) reported yesterday in their daily newsletter that the Pentagon on Monday said that it would no longer include a Bible quote on the cover page of daily intelligence briefings which it sends to the White House as was the practice during President George W. Bush's administration.   

In its prayer which the CHPP published regarding this news coming out of the Obama White House it asked God's forgiveness for "the rebelliousness of our nation to go against You!  We pray that You will quickly remove those who are burdening our nation with laws against You and replace them with righteous people."   

Our nation has for years been rejecting God, with the pace of America's rejection of God being accelerated with infamous decisions by the United States Supreme Court.   For example, the Supreme Court in its Engel Et Al. v. Vitale et Al. decision in June 25, 1962, banned organized prayer in public schools.   

The Founders of America would be astounded at the hostility towards God and the Bible in Obama's America or at least amongst Obama's ruling class.  Indeed, the United States Congress in 1782 actually passed a resolution which said:  "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools."  How tragically far America has fallen from those halcyon days.  

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