MilesTones Saturday Night Special!

The last Saturday Night Special told of California Atheists who have shelled out thousands of dollars to put up billboard signs in ten locations in Sacramento with the message: "Are you good without God? Millions are." And that's NOT the end of that story. Each sign costs $6,450 a month. Multiply that by 10 and you have a good chunk of change. According to Bill Lindelof of the Sacramento Bee, this is part of a nationwide campaign that began last year and has spread to more than a dozen cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati and New York. Then, vandalism struck!

Well, there may be times when vandalism can be legally justified if it can result in saving a soul. At least that is how the Libs would argue the case if they were involved with the event.

Under cover of darkness, someone climbed up the sign in Sacramento and spray-painted TWO WORDS which amplified the real meaning of their message, which now reads: "Are you good without God?  Millions are..also lost."  A big AMEN to that. Right on!

Tidbits Dept: It was bound to happen. Tiger Woods found a new sex partner in the Sexual Addiction Rehab Clinic, according to National Enquirer and verified by others. Is this why China has declared their new year, Year Of The Tiger?

The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), a rooming facility and gym, have officially closed the door to sex offenders wanting to check in there. It's about time. Years ago the YMCA was known as, Young Men Carefully Assaulted.

MilesTones Saturday Night Special

Here's more proof that MilesTones doesn't have to make anything up. Fasten your seat belts....according to Irish Central, the boss of a British recruitment firm said she was told she could not place an advertisement for "reliable workers" at the local Jobcentre because it discriminates against unreliable people.(!) How's that again?...

Specifically, the text of the ad ended by stating that "appplicants for the post must be very reliable and hard-working"  Wrong thing to say. When Nicole Mamo called the Jobcentre the following day, she was told that her ad would not be displayed in the store or on the website. A Jobcentre worker claimed that the word "reliable" meant they could be sued for discriminating against unreliable workers. Yep, by golly, we musn't discriminate against deadbeat, no-shows or those who don't finish a task.  Then there is this.....

Since Toyota stated there is a brake problem on their vehicles, it apparently is worse than thought. A man driving his Toyota to a dealer to have it examined couldn't stop his car when he arrived and crashed through the window of the dealer.

First GodTV in San Francisco--Now This!

First GodTV in San Francisco--Now This!

(8/23/09). Oakley, California.  God TV became the eye in the sky over The City By The Bay, by launching their San Francisco Christian TV Studio that will be a part of the world wide ministry. It opened with a full weekend of activities with a TV unit broadcasting from the high profile City Hall Plaza. The many Christians in the Bay Area are rejoicing. Too often they have been made to feel like strangers in their home city.  

Right on its heels, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) launched an office in the Bay Area, which will serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The office is located in downtown Oakland, ten minutes from San Francisco and....Berkeley.  

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Obama and Pelosi quickly losing their Blue Dog Democrats

In the 1800's, voters in the South who only voted for Democrats were called Yellow Dog Democrats.  They hated the Republicans because the Republican president, Abraham Lincoln and his Union troops, won the Civil War and these Southerners would rather vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a Republican.  Hence, the term Yellow Dog Democrats.   

For the past couple of decades, a new term came up to describe certain Democrats who, in general, were fiscal conservatives. And that term is "Blue Dog Democrats," a term which came from "Yellow Dog Democrats."  They were previously known in the Congress as the "Boll Weevils."  They were among President Ronald Reagan's best friends as he passed his historic tax cuts, budget-cutting programs, and defense build-up which won the Cold War.   

There are 52 "Blue Dog" Democrats in the United States House of Representatives.  About 40 of them are from congressional districts which were won by President George W. Bush twice and by Senator John McCain last year.  Even so, the Blue Dog Democrats for the past several months have marched lock-step with their left-wing Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and their equally liberal president.  However, cracks are beginning to show in the Obama/Pelosi united front in Congress.   

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The Republicans' "Welfare Reform Restoration Act"

The Republicans in the House of Representatives' Republican Study Committee have introduced a bill to restore some of the great principles that were in the welfare reform bill passed by the Republican-controlled Congress during the 1990's and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, but which has been in the process of being gutted by the last two Democrat-controlled Congresses.  It is called the "Welfare Reform Restoration Act", H.R. 1277. 

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