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WW II Vet's Letter to Obama


Obama Vacations While Marine Rots in Mexican Jail!

One Reason to Vote FOR Obama (!)


One Reason to Vote FOR Obama (!)


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America's First Dictator Sponsored by CPUSA

by Rev. Austin Miles

The Democrats will always be known as the party who booed God. But let it not escape any cognitive file that in the 2008 DNC, those same nitwits booed the Boy Scouts of America as the entered to present the flag.

Yes, they booed the boy scouts, young boys proud to be wearing the scout uniform carrying the U.S.flag, determined to grow into upstanding moral men...why?

BREAKING! Chief Justice John Roberts Betrays America!!

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It was widely believed that Justice Samuel Anthony Alito would be the swing vote in today's Supreme Court ruling concerning the Obama Health Care act that was elbowed in when he was sworn into the Oval Office.

In a stunning reversal of expectations, Justice John Roberts, appointed by President George Bush became the swing vote instead, siding with the leftists in approving the socialist agenda of government control of all citizens in a 5 to 4 vote..

The decision itself is almost as confusing as the more than 2000 page healthcare bill that Obama introduced, prompting Nancy Pelosi to state, "Just pass the bill, you can read it later."

Even though Obama firmly stated that there would be no tax regarding his healthcare plan, that is exactly what will be imposed to cover the costs.

Concrete has now been poured on the path to Communism for America thanks to the betrayal of Chief Justice John Roberts.

Breaking! Van Jones Quietly Part of Occupy Revolution!


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