Muslims Can’t Exist Peacefully Side By Side

Conflict between Jews and Muslims is certainly nothing new.  In the Middle East it has been going on for centuries producing war after war and conflict after conflict.  Death is always the result.  The dead on both sides, both Jews and Muslims, are buried in the ground - the very same ground deeded to the Jews by God Himself in an eternal covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The bodies of the dead, Muslims and Jews alike, ‘rest in peace’ side by side buried in the same ground as their ancestors.  Can Muslims only exist peacefully side by side with Jews in death?


Israel is certainly a dominant focus of world news every day. The Israeli-Arab conflict continues to flare, and the American media are on the spot, along with the rest of the world media. So with the eyes of the whole world daily focused on Israel, why is Israel seemingly not important to America anymore, at least to the Obama Administration?  How can those in the White House talk about Iraq and Iran and Al Qaeda, and say nothing about the unrelenting violence of the Palestinian Arab and Muslim terrorists?

Israel is undoubtedly America's only loyal and faithful ally in the Middle East. Is this very special alliance not important to the President?  It sure seems so and I have to wonder why.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking for an Out-of-Control Budget

Certainly the $1.6 trillion dollar budget must not only be reigned in, but people must think “out-of-the-box”.  The money can be easily cut, but too many are worried about an item’s ‘priority’. Budget shortfall would not exist at all if simple priorities were changed.

The United Nations and their >$3 billion/year budget from America is the first. The UN has had a history of anti-American activity. Groups such as Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Greenpeace, and many others, seek to influence daily UN decisions.   

The UN has stated aborting the young is a ‘right’, and wants mandated population reduction. That, when population will undergo a precipitous freefall by 2050 due to the decline below the 2.1 child/woman ‘wall’ necessary for maintaining existing population. Or The Iraq Oil-for-food Scandal, with the UN complicit in $113 billion paid to Hussein.

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