Obama Health Care Plan

Keep your eyes on the bulls horns – Not the Health Care Summit

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Heritage has a good expose on the Health Care Nuclear Option, While everybody is watching the summit (Plan B) Obama, Reid and Pelosi have discussed another plan. I’ll call it Plan A

Health Care Nuclear Option – Liberals Ready to Launch

The Health Care Nuclear Option, also known as reconciliation, is being considered by liberal politicians to insure that Obamacare makes it to the President’s desk by Easter. According to The New York Times, the plan is to have the President submit reconciliation legislation to be posted on the internet this weekend. The legislation will be crafted in a manner so that it can be passed using special reconciliation procedures created solely to enact laws to reduce the deficit as part of the annual budget. The next step is for the President to conduct his half day bipartisan summit at the Blair House on February 25th. With that faux-bipartisan stunt over with, the President will be free to pass legislation in a partisan manner that tosses aside the regular rules of business in the Senate.

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