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MilesTones - Trillion Dollars No Big Deal for Obama +

MilesTones - Trillion Dollars No Big Deal for Obama +

Kansas City : KS : USA | Nov 05, 2013 at 8:39 PM PST


Native American Tribe Saves Wounded Dog

Native American Tribe Saves Wounded Dog

Duluth : MN : USA | Mar 11, 2013 at 8:49 PM PDT
Photo Courtesty of ASPCA
'Nibi' Rescued by Indian Tribe

Churches Re-Occupying Their Pulpits-Led By--

The church long ago abdicated its moral authority when it became one with the world and declared that there are 'many ways (other than Christ) to heaven.' Pastoral misconduct may have prompted this idea.

With that, the church began a rapidly increasing downhill plunge as a soft Christianity was installed that required no character or effort, with new determination to adapt to the 'changing' world rather than  the world adapting to the image of Christ.

 It became an emerging church with lazy Christianity that promises all the rewards and benefits of heaven without any effort or commitment.

This spiritual malpractice cost the church the respect that had long  been its strength and opened the way to attacks by a world that in times past would not even think of vandalizing a church or showing disrespect to a minister or priest.

Instead of demonstrating solid belief, the church became wishy washy and ineffective. The government that had strict guidelines regarding the church and protecting freedom of religion, now became one of the enemies of Christianity, with such shocking hostility that the name Jesus can no longer be said in a public prayer.

Jimmy Carter Said WHAT About Perry's Public Prayer? Video

It is disturbing, to see a grown man who boasted about teaching Sunday School while holding the highest office in the world, sit in front of a camera and with a straight face, knowingly lie. That is exactly what former President Jimmy Carter did while being interviewed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

It all started because Texas Governor-Presidential Candidate Rick Perry called for a national day of humiliation, prayer and fasting for our country, inciting a gasp of outrage from a small but vocal minority in this country. Never has there been a greater need for God’s guidance and protection over America than today.

And to see a current presidential candidate invoking, by collective prayer, the presence of God in America, brought a sigh of relief and encouragment to the largest portion of the population of The United States.

The moment the call for public prayer in Texas was announced, the battle was on between those who rejoiced that a man in public office was sincerely seeking God’s guidance, and those in the minority who are determined to abolish prayer.

Pittsburgh’s Helen Trautman sent clips from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the New York Times that bashed Gov. Perry for the prayer rally in Houston that was attended by 30,000 people from all over America.

The Gazette (8/9/11) headlined their scribble: “Perry’s Rally; A Presumptive Candidate Mixes Politics and Prayer.” No byline was given. Their Marxist inspired complaint was, “What about those who do NOT believe in God?”

Commentary: Presstitutes Sabotage America by Misinformation

The dust had not even settled from the recent terror bombing in Norway before the presstitutes were at their keyboards disciminating propaganda to further their cause by immediately identifying the bomber, Anders Behring Breivik, as a Christian.

The ever faithful New York Times assigned scribbler Steven Erlanger (yes, scribbler NOT journalist) to put it on the front pages headlined, "Norway Charges Terror Suspect." In the second paragraph of the yarn Erlanger described Breivik as "a gun-loving highly religious Norwegian."

Then in the next paragraph The Gray Lady Presstitute quotes a source; "What we know is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist."

The entire story is peppered with references to "right-wing groups," ‘Conservative Party,' "anti-Islamic right,' and even more loaded, "This is right-wing domestic terrorism."

Sally Quinn of The Washington Post didn't do much better, proclaiming that Beivik is a Christian and insisted upon that label on the O'Reilly Factor last evening. Then somehow Timothy McVeigh was brought into the discussion who the scribblers also labeled a Christian.

Of course, the biggest obstacle to the Marxists who would take over our country is the church. They know that Christian people will not and cannot be enslaved. This creates a problem for the democratic party which advances Marxism and Communism which can only go so far with the church standing in the way.

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