New Jersey

Prez's NY Photo-op B/4 Vegas

Gov.Chris Christie Greets Obama in NJ
Gov. Chris Christie Greets Obama in NJ-Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post


Christian Coalition voters in New Jersey

Dear Christian Coalition voters in New Jersey:

     My name is Scott Collins. My wife Ruth and I moved into Bergen County, New Jersey in 2010. Ruth is a regulatory affairs specialist with a pharmaceutical company and I am a full time volunteer. I am currently gathering signatures to get Newt Gingrich on the ballot for June primary in the state. I am willing to travel anywhere in the state to gather signatures for Newt. I can only register Republican or Independent voters, unless, the democratic voters are willing to fill out a change of party form. I am not asking anyone to vote for Newt, just for the voters to have him as choice on the June ballot. My phone number is 201-575-1203. Thank you and let us defeat Obama in the fall!


Scott Collins

Gay activist in New Jersey forces gay agenda

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