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The little lie in the pro net neutrality argument

Many times the a statement is made similar to this:

This is the simple but brilliant "end-to-end" design of the Internet that has made it such a powerful force for economic and social good: All of the intelligence and control is held by producers and users, not the networks that connect them.

These were the terms used by Lawrence Lessig in 2006. Most often a statement is made that suggests the internet has been, was created, expanded and came to where it is today not by investments of those who want to profit from providing service — rather that those who want to profit or provide capital to improve speed or service are now a threat to internet.

The early networks like AOL and prodigy were slow networks but had coverage in areas that new providers did not. As companies came in they made agreements – Our cables are faster and you provide connections to areas we don’t – We’ll agree to allow you to use our cables if you allow us to use yours.

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