Bisecular Barack

I finally get it. He walks like a Muslim and talks like a Christian. Barack is bisecular. That's what you are when you say you believe in everything but adhere to the tenets of nothing. There's no strong convictions either way. Barack just does what's necessary to survive - politically and authoritatively. How nice.

Don't believe me? Then you probably voted Democrat in the last presidential election. But that's okay - we all make mistakes.


MilesTones Looks at Friday the 13th

Stay behind the curtain. It is Friday the 13th, the day in history (1789) when Benjamin Franklin wrote to a friend: "In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes." Whatever you today, do NOT walk under a black cat.

Susan Boyle, the frumpy church woman who stunned the world with her singing, has officially arrived. She has a stalker and now has police protection. A real sign of the times is that.... the stalker is a....woman!

This week we have been celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall while the ACLU is trying to put a wall around Ireland, Grand National Award winning jockey, Paul Cranberry, was banned from jokeying for 30 days for riding a racing horse while drunk. It's the second time....he's Irish for corn sakes!

In Germany (According to the German paper,The Local) a Mexican, a Texan and an Australian put their enchildas together to open Germany's first 'Authentic Mexican Food Restaurant.'....a tip of the Sombrero to that.

Obama sitting in the Oval Office, who stated that we "should not jump to conclusions" after a committed Muslim was shot with his gun in his hand after he had killed 14 military personnel and wounding 35 others (how's that again?), just signed a bill to open our borders to HIV carriers and to welcome foreigners with AIDS into our country...but he won't let that Irishman in.

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