Margaret Sanger

Godly Seed a Fascinating History of Sex, Contraceptives and Abortion

Transaction Publishers
Allan Carlson's New Book

Book Review by Rev. Austin Miles

To have an authoritive effective voice, you must master two things in life. The thing you love and the thing you hate. Rev. Austin Miles.

History is a fascinating subject. It is only by consulting history that one would learn that in 1915, the host city for the International Purity Conference was, fasten your seat belts... San Francisco. So there!

This is only one of the many intriguing tidbits found in Allan Carlson's latest book, Godly Seed, released by Transaction Publishers.

The timing could not be better for the publication of this work. The information given has never been more urgently needed than at this point in time even though the debate has raged for over 1800 years. .

It has now risen to the most divisive issue in present day America as it has taken new shapes and forms. That issue is, methods of preventing births, and then abortion if the preventative method fails..

In the midst of it all, the Obama Administration is forcing church organizations, including Catholic hospitals, to provide free contraception devices and abortifacient medication which has caused a national uproar.

One Must Cross the Line with Human Life

One must cross the lines sometimes. But the case against one organization is such an animal. And by animal, one means the option to take human life for reward. The reward is money for the organization. People only kill life because of one's preference.   The Constitution (Article 4, Section 4) states that the United States shall protect each of its states against domestic violence. What about an internal enemy that's killed over 50 million Americans in the last 35 years? For millions not to be aware of such an unabashed spree in killing, something is awkwardly wrong.  

This organization seems to be pushing smaller independent facilities out of business. Evidently, independent facilities are closing, while this one group (710 facilities) continues to expand with the help of Americans' tax dollars.  

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