Maine Becomes 31st State (31-0) Rejecting Homosexual Marriage

In a stunning rebuke by the citizens of Maine yesterday, the law passed by the Democratic-controlled Maine state legislature and signed into law by Democratic Governor, John Baldacci, to allow homosexuals to marry, was resoundingly defeated.  The American people continue to overrule their elected officials on this issue, time after time, and it seems these politicians never seem to learn the lesson.  

By an average of about 70%, voters in 31 states, including the liberal states of California, Hawaii, Oregon, and now Maine, have rejected homosexual marriage.  In the case of Maine, the Democratic-elected officials were determined to bypass their citizens and force such "marriages" upon the citizens of Maine.  The citizens rose up and voted a resounding NO!  

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Capitol Hill Update: Even Liberal Maine May Join 30 States Outlawing Homosexual "Marriage"


The "Washington Times" reported last week that the governor of Maine, John Baldacci, has signed a formal proclamation putting the state's homosexual "marriage" law up for a vote this November.  Since it is an off-congressional election year, there is a good chance that those committed to traditional marriage between one man and one woman will prevail as traditional values voters have in 30 other states so far.  

The state constitutional amendments banning homosexual "marriage" in those 30 states have passed overwhelmingly by an average margin of 70% approval, including the liberal states of Hawaii, Oregon and California.  The Maine legislature has passed a law approving homosexual "marriage."  However, the procedure called the People's Veto enables the citizens of Maine to override their state legislators.    

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