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Promoting Socialism thru Journalism 101--Part 4

Linguistic legerdemain is a proper description of the methods employed by the socialist news media to slant their version of happenings and events that affect readers while shoe-horning them into their agenda. That is, Marxism. The bottom line of the media is pursuasion to a particular ideology.

An excellent example of how liberals report their doctored news is a recent syndicated story in the Los Angeles Times (6/10/11) by Richard Fausset regarding the immigration issue which is of great significance to liberals.

This writer takes no position on the subject whatsoever, wanting to be approachable and available to counsel anyone who wishes to talk. The issue itself is what is being reported and how the presstitutes are framing it.

Curiously, when trouble began at the borders of The United States, with a movement against borders complete with demonstrations demanding access to a country without visas or citizenship, the exact same thing was taking place quietly throughout Europe. This was not coincidental.

This destruction of borders was orchestrated and organized by the Communist Party with the intention of opening all borders and everyone having the same access to any country they choose, with the same rights and priveliges of citizens of those countries. The only catch is....everyone will come under Marxist control.

White Man Ended Slavery--A Black Man is Trying to Bring it Back--Part 1

But first-A MilesTones Alert! This interesting headline appeared this past Thursday,( 8/11/11) in The Los Angeles Times: "Flame Retardant Showing up in Pregnant Women." The story tells that a medical discovery shows that pregnant California women have registered some of the highest levels of the toxic flame retardant, PBDE, in their bodies ever recorded world wide. Yep, leave it to California to go off the charts. In any case, it appears that it would be a waste of time to try to set a pregnant woman on fire. Now on with the commentary:

Slavery did NOT begin in The United States as Red Organizations would have us believe. That abomination has existed throughout history and was not limited to blacks. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was not only a common practice but was accepted as a usual part of life. All slaves were mostly white. It was just as America was being founded that BLACK Muslims in African countries were capturing other blacks, subduing them and bringing them here on ships to sell. So it was NOT whites that started this, it was BLACKS.

HOWEVER, it was WHITES in America that eventually stopped the evils of slavery with the Civil War, and for the first time in the history of the world, slavery was made illegal. Don't forget this in the history lessons.

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