Kim Jong II

84th Academy Awards Show a Class Act--Almost

Even with the ample display of Angelina Jolie's right leg and Jennifer Lopez's left nipple, the 84th Academy Awards Show almost became what it was meant to be, a celebration of artistry and entertainment that transports young and old to a better idea of what life can be while encouraging a dignity of life and speech even in the worst of situations. The public wants classic films. That is precisely why The Artist won Best Picture Category
This year we were spared the intrusive political agenda speeches along with the usual volley of vulgar words, actions and lack of decorum, such as when Brando refused his Oscar and sent someone representing a cause he supported who stated to the world that Mr. Brando would not accept his Oscar because of...." and the entire political cause was sputtered out as the audience booed, yanking everyone out of the magic of entertainment that they had come to enjoy and into the every day cesspool of life. That is not what movies or any other entertainment has been anointed to do. 
Once upon a time a streaker managed to get backstage and ran stark naked across the stage in front of staid David Niven who was in the process of presenting an Oscar.  Niven's reaction of course provided a delightful moment as the bare-butt man ran HIS cause across a world stage.

Prosecution For Not Grieving Properly? Commentary by Rev. Austin Miles

Most of the world witnessed the strange video reports of intense grieving of thousands of people in the streets following the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong II on December 17th. Wherever the news cameras were in Communist Korea, men, women and children, were seen crying, actually wailng hysterically, with tears streaming down their faces.

It was puzzling to watch considering that Kim Jong II was a ruthless little dictator who ruled with iron fists, whose name alone struck terror in the hearts of all of his subjects. And perhaps that was the problem.

Inheriting the throne, his son, Kim Jong Un immediately issued orders for the military to begin rounding up and arresting those whom the government determined were not grieving sincerely and properly.

In Communist Russia, whenever a leader spoke, his required-to-be-there audience would applaud practically every sentence he spoke. When the speech ended, the applause continued non-stop for a prolonged length of time. The guards, positioned throughout the area, would notice who stopped applauding first and immediately arrest that person along with any others who had rested their hands. There had to be a spontaneous rapid wind-down and stopping of applause for nobody to be arrested.

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