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John McCain Wants To Do What??

While congress, and senators vote themselves pay raises that in themselves represents more money than most Americans earn in a year, and can retire after only one term in congress with pensions of over a million dollars, the Obama Administration is working to implement a CUT in benefits for veterans. How’s that again?
Two leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carl Levin, D-Mich, and John McCain, R-Ariz.are leading the charge against our veterans. Sen. John McCain???
In order to save money (to secure politician pensions) they intend to cut health care benefits from our service men and women, many whose lives have been permanently altered due to their service to America.
As if that isn’t enough, according to Associated Press, McCain and Levin also favored creating a commission to look at military retirement benefits and make recommendations to change. No changes were proposed for hefty raises and pensions for life enjoyed by congressmen and senators.
Over a trillion dollars has been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—civil wars between tribes we should never have been in. To hit a country involved in attacking America, yes. But engaging in their civil wars, NO.

Senators Alexander, Bond, Cochran, Murkowski, Shelby & Wicker Doom GOP to indefinite minority

When Senators Richard Shelby from arch-conservative Alabama and Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran from ultra-conservative Mississippi and Lamar Alexander from Tennessee and Kit Bond from Missouri and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska voted yesterday with almost all the left-wing Democrat Senators against Senator John McCain's amendment -- which would have held spending in Obama's FY09 Omnibus appropriations bill at last year's level -- these 6 Republicans doomed the Republican Party (the "Stupid Party" in common parlance) to indefinite minority.

Three of these Senators are from the very deep south states of Mississippi and Alabama! Only 32 Senators voted for the McCain amendment including 4 Democrats: Senators Evan Bayh (Indiana), Russ Feingold (Wisconsin), Claire McCaskill (Missouri) and surprisingly, Maria Cantwell (Washington);

Senators Alexander, Bond, Cochran, Murkowski, Shelby, and Wicker are 6 very key reasons why the Senate will remain in Democrat hands for years and years to come. Thad Cochran, the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee responsible for appropriating tens of thousands of pork projects and countless billions of dollars, has to be one of the biggest pork-spending Republican Senators in the history of the Republican Party. Senators Richard Shelby, Kit Bond, Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski are also on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Talk about conflict of interest!

John McCain For Moral Values And President

My Vote For President in November will be for John McCain not only for moral values but mostly for strong family and christial values.

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Thoughts on the debate

First off, this was a joke of a "town-hall" format. Since when is a town-hall pre-packaged by a moderator? The questions hand selected...

The best questions of this debate were the ones that did NOT get asked.

No questions about marriage...second amendment...William Ayers... Since Brokaw chose the questions, one can only assume he didn't want to get any that would put Bambi on the spot with those nasty "cultural issues"...(since he figures they don't matter anyway).

Luntz focus group: who did you relate to? more Obama. But that Mac did better on the economy (?)

What Do You Think?

What Do You Think? - AMERICA'S TALKING: Did John McCain make the right choice for his running mate? [Fox News]

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Way to go, John McCain !!!!

Great Vice Presidential pick for John McCain!!!

She is pro-life, she is gorgeous, and seems to be a great person!!!!

God bless our Nation............. John McCain has my vote.

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McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate

August 27, 2008 The Weekly Standard reports: McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate


Voters and Evangelical supporters alike are rightfully jumping ship,
as McCain is willing to elect a Vice President who condones free choice
in the murdering unborn children!

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