Jesus Seminar

Anti Bible Book Released for Easter!

Dr. Bart Ehrman is the prime example of a ‘liberal Christian,’ whose dedicated attempts to destroy the foundations of Christianity is becoming well known. He is a member of the outrageous, “Jesus Seminar,” where supposed ‘Biblical Scholars” take apart The New Testament and proclaim that Jesus did not say what he said.” (!)  Erhman’s whole purpose is to undermine Christianity. He has written some strange Christianity-attack-books with “historic facts to set people straight,” His corrupt ideas are so far out into left field that the crows can’t even get out there to roost. Bad Bart for sure.

Particularly disturbing is that Dr. Ehrman, is a contracted lecturer for the highly acclaimed, Teaching Company, an excellent resource for life-long learners (like this writer), and for supplemental training for college and university students.

The Teaching Company course materials are excellent with the exception of anything dealing with religion, especially Christianity, and purported World History, or Civilization. These courses teach the “Big Bang” fraud as fact and lean heavily on evolution with a distinct nod toward Darwin.

Dr. Ehrman’s newest book,” Forged: Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We think They Are,” was released (escaped would be a better word) just in time for the most sacred observance of Christianity, Easter.

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