Falsehoods Can't Stop the Marriage Definition



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Same-sex unions are “not an expansion but a dismantling of the institution.”     Matthew J. Frank /  FIRST THINGS

On May 8th, primary day for North Carolina voters, Marriage Amendment 1 was voted as law. This further solidifies marriage in NC between “one woman and one man”. As an institution in place even before the Constitution, it will be highly difficult for activist judges to alter NC’s definition of marriage.

Opposition has released huge amounts of false information on the Amendment just prior to the vote. Statements about ‘Further discrimination against homosexuals’, and ‘voting for the Amendment will eliminate rights for homosexuals’ were rampant prior to the election. As a result some thought the Amendment had to be defeated to fight discrimination.

God's Message from the Bible Code of the Torah

In the Bible Code, I find truth to my questions and uncertainities.  For instance, I looked up abortion and those who counter it, and I found Republician located near by.  I am have been shifting towards Republician views at a steady pace, so I can help change laws to protect unborn babies.  I found, in the Hebrew, the word "Homosexual" with the first eight letters (I believe eight letters) used, I discovered God Himself say "demon" and "angry".  I assume God is angry at demons for causing homosexuality.  God told me he hates abortions, and the doctors and drug companies that help perform them.  I do not know when or how God will punish those who get/do abortions, or homosexuals, but having lived in California for a decade, I was surrounded by homosexuals, and perhaps because I attended political and environmental responsibility meetings with various groups, I thought they were mild sinners.  But since the Bible Code said God was "angry" at the "demon" of homosexuals, I unfortunately can no longer feel as much comfort working with (lobbying, having meetings, praying along side) the homosexuals (major sinners) as I once did.

Not Over the Rainbow, but IN It! - Updated

Wrapping itself in the rainbow flag, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) yesterday voted in a measure to allow practicing homosexuals and those with same sex partners to be ordained as Lutheran priests.

The measure won by 54% of its 4.2 million church members. According to Christian Post, 46% of that body approved of the church clergy performng same-sex "marriages."

The new Mission Statement of the church, presented at the convention in Minneapolis, was named, "Human Sexuality; Gift and Trust." It was passed by a vote of 676-338 by the delegates, barely fulfilling the two-thirds vote requirement.

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California AG Bows Under Pressure

California Attorney-General turns against Prop 8

Lisa Leff - Associated Press Writer - 12/20/2008 7:05:00 AM

SAN FRANCISCO - California's attorney general has changed his position on the state's new same-sex marriage ban and is now joining forces with homosexual activists to overturn the results of Proposition 8.

Setting the Record Straight on Obama

Lets set the record straight on a few misconceptions regarding Barack Obama’s positions 2 key issues for Christians.

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