Herman Cain

Will Americans Elect Their First Black President?

Before we get to the possible historic event of America’s first black president, here is a MilesTones riddle: What type of music would a symphony orchestra play for Halloween? See answer below.
Is Cain Able? America seems very ready to elect its first Black President. Herman Cain has gained suprisingly strong support since he seemingly reflects the ideals that reflect America. He is declared to be overwhelmingly electable. But wait. What about….....?  
Obama was NOT elected. He was PLACED in the Oval Office with the help of thousands of votes of dead people provided by ACORN. Voter Fraud ran rampant all over the map. He secured Grants Park in Chicago for his “Election Night Victory Party” and secured it with a million dollar deposit….months BEFORE the election even took place. So it was a done deal.
Obama has refused to show any documentation that would prove he was born in America or any other eligibility proof. So he was NOT elected, he is NOT the president by default, and furthermore, he isn’t even fully black. He is half white.
So it is a testimony of America that voters would even consider another black man since Obama (not his real name) who was raised as a Muslim and influenced by Marxism even though proclaiming himself as a Christian, has almost totally wrecked our country. Obama’s real name is Barry Sotero. And this knocks out the “racist” epitaphs hurled on anyone who criticizes this imposter.

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