Governor of Texas

Rick Perry Prayer Flap Brings Jerry Newcombe to the Keyboard

My recent 5 part series of Obama goose-stepping America to Marxism emphasized the heavy handed attack on the church, Christianity and God Himself which the Communists know is the source of strength to a free people and must be stopped.

This Christian strength is precisely why America is the ONE country standing in the way of an all-encompassing One World Order. As long as there is a strong church presence, Communism cannot succeed.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas recently took a public stand in asking God to put His Hand on our country and to guide us. The Socialists immediately hopped into action to oppose prayer by a governor, including an 'emergent church' liberal pastor and another who identifies as a 'Christian.' These are the Marxist's most valuable recruits.

Radio host and commentator Jerry Newcombe stopped by the keyboard this morning with his insights

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