Testy Reaction to Transgender Pastors Story

San Francisco : CA : USA | Jul 19, 2012 at 10:04 PM PDT
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Rev. Austin Miles Scolded by a Transvestite

by Rev. Austin Miles

Gay Marriage: the End of an Institution

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Thorndike-Barnhart states [Marriage | Define Marriage at] is the legal union between man and woman. Matrimony actually applies to the spiritual or religious bond in that union. To get married, partners must be of correct age, correct sex, not incarcerated, no animals, and no multiple partners involved (in most cases).

Because 7 states (including DC) have legalized gay marriage, any further erosion of marriage is being closely watched. North Carolina continually allows domestic partnerships and civil unions, and is the only Southeastern state without a limit on alleged ‘marriages’.

Gays continually scream discrimination, and their ‘right’ to marry anyone cannot be interfered with.

Welcome To The Gayly News--A MilesEye View

One can no longer pick up a newspaper without being confronted by in-the-face daily ‘‘gay' news that fits the print, many times pushing off a front page news story of interest to do so. Yep, gay is the way.

One of the most skin-crawling-fingernails-scraping- across- the-blackboard (Ok, OK, I know that today they are not blackboards but WHITE boards) is the so-called mainstream media referring to a same-sex partner as HIS husband, or HER wife!

There is no such thing as a man's husband or a woman's wife! And it is NOT marriage but a word hijacked to further the political cause of legitimizing homosexuality as a vaild lifestyle.And that cause is not only to validate a deviant lifestyle but to also blur gender lines to make a society of lock-stepping individuals who have no individuality or history (except gay history) which will make entire nations easier to control and manipulate for ‘the greater good."

These are the tactics used by Communists for centuries; to cause chaos, eliminate borders separating countries and encouraging marriage between people of different cultures with the long term goal to see the world's population all looking the same without distinctive fetaures. Note how Hollywood now refers to women as, "actors" (male), instread of ‘actresses.

This morning a prominent headllined story, "Lesbian Woman Leading Elks."dominated a page of The Contra Costa Times.

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