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Obama Spiritual Adviser Catches Flack

Obama Spiritual Adviser Catches Flack

Washington : DC : USA | Jun 13, 2014 at 7:21 PM PDT
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Bisecular Barack

I finally get it. He walks like a Muslim and talks like a Christian. Barack is bisecular. That's what you are when you say you believe in everything but adhere to the tenets of nothing. There's no strong convictions either way. Barack just does what's necessary to survive - politically and authoritatively. How nice.

Don't believe me? Then you probably voted Democrat in the last presidential election. But that's okay - we all make mistakes.


Make Those Who Apologize Apologize for Apologizing

Make Those Who Apologize Apologize for Apologizing

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Obama Apologizes for America


Christian Conservatives Called Hypocrites for Demanding Traditional Marriage

While attending a recent pro-family event in D.C., I couldn’t help but overhear the discussion of three young men standing behind me. One of the young men referred to social conservatives as hypocrites for demanding small government while wanting federal regulation of marriage, the most personal of all institutions. The other young men, all presumably conservative, agreed.
I came away questioning: Is support for regulations that will protect traditional marriage really hypocritical for conservatives who believe in small government?

Homosexuality, in general, is increasingly acceptable, even among conservatives and evangelicals. According to a poll conducted by Hamilton College, a small liberal arts school in New York, 70% of the high school students from conservative evangelical homes believe that homosexuals should be accepted by society. But it is a big step from acceptance of homosexuals to accepting same-sex “marriage.” Yet many people today are making that leap –– assuming that acceptance of individual human rights equates to support for the homosexual activist agenda. The latest Gallup poll reports that Americans’ support for same-sex “marriage” has, for the first time ever, topped 50 percent (now 53 percent).
It is an indication of the activists’ success that so many conservatives think that it is judgmental to oppose same-sex marriage and, on a broader scale, hypocritical to oppose big government while supporting regulation of marriage.

Obama and gay marriage

Obama spoke at a Manhattan fundraiser on Thursday and, although he did not specifically state that he supports gay marriage, told gay rights advocates that, "I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country."  This took place against the backdrop of the current debate in the NY State Senate over whether or not to vote on a bill to legalize gay marriage in that state.

Of course his statement is a complete non sequitur, in that we all have the same "rights".  And when it comes to marriage, every man has a right to marry a woman, and every woman a right to marry a man...or not.  What this is really all about is the "de" definition of marriage, meaning redefining marriage to the point that it ultimately doesn't mean anything at all.

But as for Obama, is there actually any doubt in anyone's mind that he favors legalization of gay marriage?  Doubtful.  But it's even more doubtful that he will "come out of the closet", so to speak, and endorse legalizing gay marriage BEFORE he stands for re-election in 2012. 

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Christians sued for not allowing homosexual ceremonies

Once you start down the path of redefining marriage to include anything other than the exclusive union of a man and a woman, it's not long before those who firmly disagree with that redefinition begin to see their values come under assault.  And that is just what has happened in Illinois.

Christian bed and breakfast owners are being sued by homosexuals for not allowing the use of their facilities for a gay "civil union" ceremony.  And since (as of this June) the state of Illinois legally allows such unions, the complaint is over discrimination, and the Illinois Attorney General's office is investigating.

From the story:

The owner of the first B&B, the Beall Mansion of Alton, Ill., had told the complainant, Todd Wathen of Mattoon, IL, that they only let out their premises for weddings. The Christian owners of the second, Jim and Beth Walder of TimberCreek Bed and Breakfast of Paxton, had a similar response.

In the course of e-mail correspondence with Jim Walder, Wathen argued: “starting June 1st, a civil union is a wedding, you have to get a licenses at the county clerks office, it is just not a marriage ... but a legal wedding ... so aren’t you discriminating against me and my partner, because of our sexual orientation??”

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