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Christian Conservatives Called Hypocrites for Demanding Traditional Marriage

While attending a recent pro-family event in D.C., I couldn’t help but overhear the discussion of three young men standing behind me. One of the young men referred to social conservatives as hypocrites for demanding small government while wanting federal regulation of marriage, the most personal of all institutions. The other young men, all presumably conservative, agreed.
I came away questioning: Is support for regulations that will protect traditional marriage really hypocritical for conservatives who believe in small government?

Homosexuality, in general, is increasingly acceptable, even among conservatives and evangelicals. According to a poll conducted by Hamilton College, a small liberal arts school in New York, 70% of the high school students from conservative evangelical homes believe that homosexuals should be accepted by society. But it is a big step from acceptance of homosexuals to accepting same-sex “marriage.” Yet many people today are making that leap –– assuming that acceptance of individual human rights equates to support for the homosexual activist agenda. The latest Gallup poll reports that Americans’ support for same-sex “marriage” has, for the first time ever, topped 50 percent (now 53 percent).
It is an indication of the activists’ success that so many conservatives think that it is judgmental to oppose same-sex marriage and, on a broader scale, hypocritical to oppose big government while supporting regulation of marriage.

Hawaii Christian Coalition Helps Stop Gay Marriage in Hawaii

Good news from the battle to defend traditional marriage.  This time it comes from Hawaii, where Republican Governor Linda Lingle has finally decided to veto the same-sex civil unions bill that was passed by that state's legislature this past April.  Garrett Hashimito, our Hawaii State Chairman of the Christian Coalition, has been heading up hundreds of grassroots in this effort.  The Hawaii Christian Coalition was given the credit by the local papers and media.  Garrett and his staff have done an excellent job with this veto and stopping gay marriage in Hawaii.

It's another big win in another typically "blue" state, which is a big blow to liberals who have been reeling from defeats in California and Maine over the past few years (which also tend to be "blue" states).

The bill would have given all of the same rights and benefits of traditional marriage to homosexual couples, with the only difference being the term "civil union" instead of "marriage.  This has been the political route taken by those pushing for full gay marriage in cases where they didn't think they could go that far right away, which again, makes it a big defeat.

(Via CBS)

IRS moving to give homosexuals the "married" treatment

Despite the existence of the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act, the IRS is moving to treat homosexual couples to some of the same tax benefits of legally married couples under a new ruling that overturns a previous ruling on the same subject during the Bush Administration.  (via WSJ)

The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that same-sex couples must be treated the same as heterosexual couples under a feature of California tax law. Advocates for the change say it is the first time the agency has acknowledged gay couples as a unit for tax purposes.

The change reverses a 2006 IRS ruling and opens a tax benefit to many same-sex couples that wasn't available before. It may affect couples in Nevada and Washington state, as well.

Specifically, the agency said nearly 58,000 couples who are registered as domestic partners in California must combine their income and each report half
of it on their separate tax returns. Same-sex couples account for an
estimated 95% of the state's domestic partnerships; partnership status
is also available to heterosexual couples in which one partner is over
age 62. ...

Military chiefs at odds with White House over gays in the military

It should come as no surprise that the Obama administration has moved forward in pushing Congress to overturn the existing ban on open homosexuality in the military despite the objections of leading generals and admirals.  In fact, each of the heads of the services, who collectively comprise the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have opposed the plan.

Previously, Secretary of Defense Gates had put in place a review of military policy on the matter and its impact on military readiness that will not be concluded until December. It was thought that Congress and the White House would wait until after the study was complete to think about making any changes.

Not hardly.

The fact that the study won't be complete until December is EXACTLY why they want to move ahead now.  Because that means there will be a new (more Republican, more conservative) Congress in place by the time the issue is addressed - and they want to change it while they can.  Not to mention make the radical, gay rights lobby happy in the process.  All part of the strategy of trying to excite the base before the election.

This tells you a little bit about how this administration feels about our military leaders:

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Hawaii needs your help

The Hawaii legislature, in the final minutes of this years session, broke the trust of its people by voting to allow HB444 regarding civil unions to become law.  Although they needed a 2/3rds majority, as this bill was originally voted to be tabled for the year, they then conducted a "sneak attack" and voted to suspend their own rules and to allow a simple majority vote for the bill to pass.  It then passed by a vote of 31-20.

The opposition rally to this bill numbered around 12,000, while the bill supporters numbered around 100 during their rally.  This bill would allow gay couples to have the same benefits and rights as married couples, and the vast majority of the state clearly oppose this bill.

Our hope is now that the Governor will veto this bill, as the Speaker of the House has publicly stated that he will not call for a special session to try for an override.

We ask that you now stand with us and contact Governor Linda Lingle (phone: 808-586-0034 - fax: 808-586-0006 - email: [email protected] or [email protected]) to encourage her to veto this bill.  She has until July 6th to sign, veto, or allow this measure to become law without her signature.

Hawaii Christian Coalition Chairman Garret Hashimoto will be meeting with the governor on May 24th to encourage her veto.

Please help us generate as much feedback to her office as possible.

(Click here and visit the Hawaii Christian Coalition online)


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New study weakens case for gay marriage

Over the course of the debate over gay "marriage", supporters have made contended that homosexuals provide stable family environments, at least as much as heterosexuals.  You hear a lot of this in debates over adoption policies as well. Well now a new study is about to be released (out of San Francisco of all places), that should cast some much deserved doubt on that notion.

The study, done by San Francisco State University, was recently previewed in the New York Times (no doubt as potential damage control) and it finds that about half of all male gay couples admit that they regularly engage in sexual activity outside of their "committed" relationship...with the approval of their partner.  Again, half admitted to such behavior, which leaves you to wonder about the other half.

Of course, in the process of doing its damage control duty, the Times did its best to put a positive spin on the study, suggesting that this kind of "transparency can make relationships stronger".

So it's come to this?  Suggesting that "open" marriages can be more stable, therefore gay marriage is no problem?  The one and only reason to even make such a suggestion is because they are worried that this revelation will hurt the chances of approving gay marriage in other states.

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Gay marriage case on the federal court track

Supporters of gay marriage in California have now taken their case against that state's marriage amendment to federal court.  At issue is California's Proposition 8, in which voters in 2008 voted to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Given that this is now a federal case, it will start out in district court, then - no matter who wins or loses - will be appealed to the (liberal) Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and then to the US Supreme Court.

In the end, it's not just California's Prop 8 that's at issue, but it will be the definition of marriage in all fifty states.  In other words, what the pro-gay marriage crowd is looking for is the gay marriage equivalent of Roe vs. Wade, where the Supreme Court steps in and sweeps aside citizen passed laws all across the country and short circuits the political process all together.

From the Baptist Press:

Obama changes federal regulations on gay benefits

This week, Obama announced that he is changing government regulations to begin extending federal benefits to the partners of gay federal employees - which will essentially treats them like married couples.  According to the details, gay and lesbian partners of federal employees will be given access to health care benefits, financial benefits and relocation fees.  And of course this comes after Obama declared June to be "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month".

Obama's actions come after he received letters from prominent gay-rights groups, complaining that he had not done enough for them.

Then there was the decision this week by the Washington DC Board of Elections to reject the request of a coalition of black ministers to allow voters in the nation's capital to vote on overturning the City Council's recent decision to begin giving official recognition to gay marriages performed in other states.  They claimed the vote could lead to "discrimination".

This comes the same week that a new CBS News poll found that support for gay marriage has dropped by nine points in the last two months to only 33%.

Clearly the majority of the American people are opposed to gay marriage.  But the politicians in Washington have to hear from you.

Speak out by clicking here and joining the campaign to defend traditional marriage today!


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