It's time for a RICO investigation of ACORN

By this point, everyone is familiar with the most recent scandal involving ACORN, (having its employees caught on video in multiple offices offering help in committing loan fraud, setting up a brothel and smuggling in underage illegal aliens to be prostitutes).  But there is a laundry list of other, more serious charges which scream out for a national RICO investigation by the Justice Department.

From Peter Roff over at US News

A report issued last summer by the Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, according to Sunday's Washington Times, "presented evidence that ACORN had engaged in criminal misconduct."

Among the findings, the report said, ACORN:

House votes to ban funding to ACORN

It looks like those ACORN videos from FIVE different offices showing employees offering advise on how to get a loan to set up a brothel, or ship underage girls into the country to be prostitutes was too much.  (I suppose four examples was one thing, but five...)

Via the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House has voted to deny all federal funding for ACORN, the community organizing group that has been caught up in several scandals.The House action came several days after the Senate took a similar vote to block the Housing and Urban Development Department from giving grants to ACORN.

Odds that the ban is total by the time it reaches Obama's desk?


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