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Where Are Obama's Girlfriends?

Where Are Obama’s Girlfriends?
by Rev. Austin Miles

BREAKING! ISIS Planning Attack on U.S. as Obama Golfs

Timely Billboard in Tennessee

1988 Candidate Dukakis: “The fish rots from the head first”

The Democrat presidential nominee in 1988, Massachusetts Governor Michael S. Dukakis, said about the ethical standards of the Reagan Administration, “There’s an old Greek saying … the fish rots from the head first. It starts at the top.”  Dukakis went on to say that scandal and misconduct had become “almost an epidemic.  It’s the guy at the top who has to be held accountable.”

However, the ethical standards of the Reagan Administration were pristine compared to the cesspool of ethics scandals and the rampant lawlessness of the current Democrat administration.  Dukakis could have been describing the current occupant of the White House as the number of major presidential scandals continues to accelerate under Barack Obama.

As the American people are now finding out  --   little thanks to the “see no evil” mainstream news media  --  because of the president’s frequent attacks on his political opposition, his underlings, including apparently all the way up to his chief of staff, have been shading the truth; lying to the American people and to the news media, and are committing crimes in the name of their president.

Donald Trump is right: Fox News should fire Bob Beckel

Left-winger Bob Beckel  --  whose life was recently saved by his fellow "Fox Five" co-host, Eric Bolling (a Rick Perry supporter) when Beckel was choking in a Manhattan restaurant  --  should be fired as Donald Trump is urging Fox News to do.  The very day that Beckel mentioned the story of Trump urging Fox News to fire him to his fellow co-hosts, Beckel said the a-hole word.  Then to round out his day, on Sean Hannity's "Great, Great, Great American Panel," Beckel used the b.s. word.  The guy just does not know where to stop.
On July 21, Beckel was caught saying the "F-word" on the live "Fox Five" show.  When the next commercial was over, he offered a typical liberal weasel excuse:  "The producer tells me that I swore in the last session.  I didn't  - well sort of did."  Then on September 8th, he used the s-word blasting his conservative co-hosts because they were advocating tax cuts, "You gotta be so full of s**t."

Fox News' left-winger Bob Beckel's life saved by Rick Perry supporter

A Ronald Reagan/Tip O'Neill moment occurred in a restaurant on the island of Manhattan yesterday.  The elderly among us will remember the intense rivalry and feuds which occurred during the day between President Ronald Reagan and the Democrat Speaker of the House from Massachusetts Tip O'Neill.  But at night, these two antagonists would famously swap jokes over a mug of beer.
Today's poisonous partisan political atmosphere  --  accelerated by Barack Obama's hyper-partisanship  --  is far from the comity established between the conservative genial Ronald Reagan and left-wing genial Tip O'Neill.  Obama has relentlessly attacked the Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for his conservative ideas.  Now in recent days, Obama has decided to double-down on his attacks against Republicans.

Theological Slippery Slope

This blog is in regard to the Christian Coalition's article, "Christian Coalition of America condemns Democrat-controlled House for passing "Thought Crimes" bill".  I would like to take a moment to address the misguided logic within this article as well as the theological distortions used to oppose the Hate Crimes Bill.  It seems that this bill has dredged up some fears of Christian conservatives that the right to denounce homosexuality in a non-threatening manor would be taken away.  This is hardly the case.  Fox News published an article today on their website that refutes many of these claims:

"Frederick Lawrence, a law professor at George Washington University, said there is nothing within the language of the hate crimes bill that would allow for the prosecution of individuals who simply speak out against a particular sexual or ethnic group.

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