Inside Super Bowl Story Kept Quiet!

Trusting that everyone has sufficiently recovered from pounding Super Bowl hangovers, too much beer, too many bathroom trips and the disjointed disemboweled version of The National Anthem as offered to the world by Christina Aguilera, here is a Super Bowl story that was subdued. Our thanks to The Rev. Ed Berkey (retired) who alerted us to this:

Source: Brandon Zangus January 30 at 2:29pm

“First and foremost, I want people to know who I am and what the most important thing is in my life, my relationship with Jesus Christ,” Tomlin said in response to a Baptist Press question about his personal faith. “Football is what we do; faith is who we are all the time.”

Tomlin, who attends Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Center Alliance Church, was mentored by Dungy, who hired him as a defensive backs coach with Tampa Bay before Dungy moved on to Indianapolis. When then-Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher retired, Tomlin was ready for the promotion, stemming from his time with Dungy, leading men onto the football field and leading men’s hearts off the field.

“I want to lead with a servant’s heart,” Tomlin stated to media members who will be covering Sunday’s Super Bowl. “The biggest thing I learned from Tony Dungy was an unyielding belief in his message of faith,” Tomlin recalled. “It was displayed all the time with him. He was extremely consistent and that’s what I want to take to maximize my faith.”

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