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Milestone for MilesTones-Polar Bears Irish?--Woman Pope!-and More...

Milestone for Website!  But first, this office has been swarming with financial planners and advisors offering their services due to my Termination Settlement from the Examiner who cast out this writer for not standing up for homosexuality which every citizen and writer must understand is a duty.

The Examiner fired me for writing a story about homosexuality without endorsing and promoting it in my columns. For example: in the Contra Costa Times, the front page headline of the Morning Report (7/17/11) blared, ‘Same-Sex Marriages Face Limits in Military." But above the headline is the required political spin: "Unequal Benefits." So does this qualify as a news story or is it an editorial propaganda piece? This writer was edited out for not putting such spins on anything homosexual.

Milestone for MilesTones. Eureka! A little earlier today, we clocked in our quarter of a millionth reader on: www.revaustinmiles.com  Yep, a quarter million readers! And that number is climbng by the hundreds as this is being typed. Thank you all for supporting and boosting this site and the site you are now reading that pick up my stories.

Visitors have been streaming in and out of our office to congratulate us on reaching that quarter-million mark:

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