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Commentary: Ferguson Shooting-The Rest of the Story

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I can easily think of a multitude of greater
causes to devote the federal government’s costly time and resources to, rather
than the unscrupulous task of prosecuting the prior administration. Eric
Holder’s witch hunt is a revolting waste of the taxpayer’s dime, but pales in
comparison when measured up to President Obama’s weak admission of not being
able to control his Attorney General.

Obama's Thoroughly Discredited Attorney General Goes After the CIA

In an attempt to change the topic from Barack Obama's budget-breaking health care bill which the overwhelming majority of Americans are repulsed by, Obama's thoroughly discredited Attorney General, Eric Holder, changed the subject to supposed CIA abuse during the Bush administration.   

Eric Holder was the guy who actually persuaded Bill Clinton - as one of his final dastardly acts as president in 2001 - to pardon one of the most corrupt individuals in American history, Marc Rich.  Rich was indicted on federal charges of illegally making oil deals with Iran, even while America was trying to get our hostages released in the late 1970's.  In addition, Rich was indicted on tax evasion.  Yet, to its discredit, the Democrat-controlled Senate earlier this year confirmed Holder as attorney general.   

No, Mr. Holder, America is not a nation of cowards

There must be something in the DNA of left-wing Democrats which cause them to disparage America and Americans. The latest evidence of this is the comment by Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, that America is a "nation of cowards." Yesterday, Holder called the United States "a nation of cowards" when it comes to race.

He said: "Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards." The fact that Obama and Holder, both black, have been elevated to the highest and close to the highest offices in the land demolishes Holder's radical belief. In America's bloodiest war, the Civil War, hundreds of thousands of Americans courageously gave their lives and limbs to rid America of the blight of slavery.

Holder -- who played a role, as the number two official in Bill Clinton's Justice Department, in releasing a number of really true cowards, a group of Puerto Rican terrorists at the end of the Clinton administration -- revealed in his statements yesterday how truly radical the Obama administration will be in administering justice in America during the next four years.

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Information for your call to stop Eric Holder

People who support our right given by our creator to self defense as
provided by the Second Amendment, are making an effort to stop Holder,
"this civil liberties nightmare is intended as our next attorney
general ought to scare all of us - enough to motivate our personal and
sustained involvement in opposing him." [1] The testimony of Dr.
Stephen P. Halbrook bring up serious concerns, of Holders in upholding
the rights of the second amendment and his obligation to support this
right before the court; However his career shows that he numerous times argue that people don't have a second amendment right. [2]

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