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Obama's New Bus to Throw America Under--Part 3

An ominous long black bus is driving across America. While some have complained about the dark color, it is entirely appropriate for The One inside who is very much a merchant of doom. In a short time he has almost pushed America off the cliff. He and his Communist handlers do not intend for it to be "almost."

Obama claims that this bus ride was simply to meet, mingle and listen to the people. Residue of a bull! Truth be known (unique in this administration), this trip IS a campaign trip to ramp up his charisma and smooth speaking abiity to try to woo and persuade the country to keep him in The Oval Office, even though The One denied that this was the purpose.

The bus cost $1.2 million and, now get this, was made in Canada! And who is paying for all of this? Us. The taxpayers. While it is convenient to have his own bus to throw America under, at our expense, it might also be beneficial for him to get used to riding a bus as he may be riding a city bus in the future.

Obama is attempting to steer America away from all the principles set forth by the Founding Fathers. Especially the inclusion of God in the affairs of government and the country. With the Founder's relationship with God, the new country quickly rose to economic success, power and had the respect of the world. And America had never been attacked by a foreign nation.

Searching for Intelligent Life--Jerry Newcombe Grasps Keyboard for Take on London Riots

A San Jose Mercury News headline yesterday (8/12/11) proclaimed: "Telescopes to Resume Search for Intelligent Life." MilesTones suggests that they start right here even though the prospects are slim that they will find any. The Democrats grunt and push for Socialism and Marxism in America even though that system has failed everywhere it has been implemented plus enslaving and causing the brutal deaths of millions of people.

Voices have warned that what happened in Greece, Italy and now London could very well begin in America. Wait! It has already. On August 11, 1965, The Watts section of L.A.. a black area, exploded in entitlement outrage with burning cars, buildings and, of course, looting, all stemming from Socialist expectations that did not satisfy them. And the tinderbox is again heating up. Our Guest, prominent radio host and author Jerry Newcombe steps up to the keyboard.

What Part of "Thou Shalt Not Steal" Don't We Understand?
By Jerry Newcombe

London is burning. And not just London, but other parts of Britain, such as Manchester and Birmingham. Looters and rioters have run loose for days in that great country, and now there are a few people dead, many businesses destroyed, hundreds arrested, and untold damage.


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