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Blame it on the Black Man?

If one were to recognize the bitter hatred formulating from Black America, one would clearly see the strings of the progressive movement.


Blame it on The Black Man?


America, Land of the Free?

The thirteenth amendment, officially abolished slavery, ending years of heartless abuse, indignity, and utter tragedy. December 6th 1865, Americans determined that "Neither slavery or involuntary servitude....Shall exist with in The United States." This long over due day in history, did not quell discrimination, hatred, or bigotry, but it did however, conclude that no American will ever own another.... Or did it?

I contend, that the liberal democrats, are a collection of the largest and most powerful slave owners in history. Over the years, the liberals have enslaved minorities and the poor, with an especially tight grip on the African American community. By infiltrating academia with poisonous propaganda, the malcontent mind begins shortly after birth. (As the progressive liberal will seek to indoctrinate our children earlier and earlier, first it was pre-school)

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