Constitution Day

Liberals celebrate "Day of Rage" tomorrow; Rest of America celebrates "Constitution Day"

It is hard to believe, but we increasingly have two separate Americas.  Many liberals have their "government knows best" and "America is bad" positions and the rest of Americans believe in America's exceptionalism. Tomorrow, many liberals will "celebrate" something socialists, communists and anarchists around the world call a "Day of Rage".  They want to fight "market dictatorship."  They want an end to capitalism and the free enterprise system in America and around the world.  In America, they will "take to the streets"  and protest at Wall Street in New York City.

On the other hand, many other Americans will be celebrating America and the United States Constitution.   Christian Coalition of America has, during the month of September, been encouraging all Americans to read the entire constitution on Constitution Day, 2011 being celebrated on Saturday, September 17.

Liberals like to forget that the Constitution of the United States is the Supreme law of the land.   On September 17, 1787, the Founding Fathers established  --  at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, presided over by George Washington   --  the Constitution as the framework for organizing the federal government.

The "Father of the Constitution," and future president, James Madison, had many great quotes about the Constitution including these:

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